Frequently Asked Questions | Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse

Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website aims to answer and questions you might have about a visit to Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse.

Please click here if your query is in regards to Betting with the Tote at Bangor.   

Should you have a query that isn't answered from the information below, please contact the racecourse directly on 01978 780 323 or email us here.

Are there cash machines on site?

There is one cash machine in the corridor of the Wynnstay Restaurant.

Will there be access to WIFI?

Yes, simply open the WIFI networks option on your mobile deviceand select Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse to access free WIFI whilst on site. 

Are there plenty of toilet facilities at the racecourse?

Yes, there are a number of toilet facilities on site, all of which can be located on the racecourse plan here or within a racecard.

Anything I should be aware of when I leave the Racecourse?

Inevitably, with everyone trying to get home at once, queueing in car parks will occur. Please be patient while the ground staff safely filters the traffic off the site.

Will I need cash to place bets on the day?

Bangor Tote accepts both cash and card payments.

I have an Open Course or Paddock enclosure ticket, will there be somewhere for me to buy food and drink on the day?

Food, drink, betting and convenience facilities are all available, with three public bars and various snack outlets to cater for racegoers. All betting areas within the Paddock have refreshment areas and TV screens, so you needn’t miss the action whilst purchasing your refreshments.

Picnics including alcohol are allowed on the Open Course. Racegoers are prohibited from taking picnics or alcohol into the Paddock Enclosure.

What happens after a race?

The race result is not official until you have heard the announcement ‘Weighed in’. Until then you cannot collect winning bets. Winning tickets can be redeemed at any point during the day, so there is no need to rush to collect your winnings!

The first four-placed horses return to the Parade Ring and are unsaddled in the Winners Enclosure. A brief prize-giving takes place which is worth watching, not only to spot the famous faces but as a courtesy to the race sponsors.

Meanwhile, runners for the next race start to arrive in the Parade Ring and the whole cycle begins again.

What happens in the run up to a race?

About five minutes before the race, the horses leave the Parade Ring to canter down to the start. Canny racegoers will have already left the Paddock to place their bets and secure a good view of the track. Allow five to 10 minutes to do both; don’t leave it too late as bets cannot be taken once a race starts.

Check several bookmakers as some may offer better odds for your horse.

The Paddock

This is the overall name for the area containing the Parade Rings and ‘Weighing Room’ – racing speak for the Officials’ and Jockeys’ building.

The raceday takes place in a number of half-hour cycles. This begins in the Pre-Parade Ring about half an hour before the first race, when the runners will be taken into the saddling boxes to be saddled up. It’s worth watching this to get a first impression of the horse before he proceeds to the main Parade Ring.

Entry to the Parade rings is limited to Owners, Trainers and Jockeys, but you will find ample vantage points all around the enclosures.

What do I do on arrival?

The first race time varies from meeting to meeting. The closer the start, the busier the traffic will be around the racecourse. We advise you aim to arrive about an hour and a half before the first race is due to start. This will allow you to understand the racecourse layout and check out the facilities on offer.

If arriving by car, parking is free on site – the stewards will instruct you to the appropriate area to park your car. If you’re arriving by public transport, visit our ‘How to find us' page for guidance.

Click here to see a layout of the course.

I’ve bought a ticket for the Open Course or Paddock but may wish to upgrade on the day – is this possible?

Availability dependent, there is the option to upgrade your ticket to a restaurant package on the day, although we strongly advise you contact the Hospitality team prior to raceday on 01978 782 083. On the day, please visit the main office on the course for further information.

Upgrade to a Punter's Package (only available in advance on selected fixtures)

£25 per person to include:

Paddock Enclosure Admission

Fish & Chips


£3 bet with Bangor Tote

Can I bring a camera?

We allow cameras onto the racecourse, but would ask that you disarm the flash as bright lights and sudden loud noises genuinely upset horses and undo their meticulous preparation before a race. Anyone not observing this strict rule may be ejected from the course. Professional photography equipment is prohibited. 

Where can I buy a racecard?

Racecards are available to buy for £3 on a raceday and are available at the turnstiles/entrance points to the course. You can prep before raceday by reading about race details and tips in the sports pages of national newspapers and the Racing Post. The Bangor-on-Dee website is also a good source of information, be sure to browse the website and get it touch if you do have any questions prior to your visit.

Can I bring a picnic and a gazebo?

We are happy for visitors to bring picnics (including alchohol) to the Open Course and BBQs are permitted, however we ask that you are considerate to other racegoers when operating a BBQ. For anyone wishing to bring a gazebo onto the Open Course, there are designated gazebo areas that are clearly signed – there will be a charge of £10 per gazebo. Racegoers are prohibited from taking picnics or alcohol into the Paddock Enclosure.

What should I wear?

For many ladies, dressing up is part of the experience and with 14 meetings over the course of a season, Bangor-on-Dee provides many opportunities to don a new outfit!

For ladies, hats are not compulsory, though more and more people are choosing to wear them. Handbags should be large enough to hold a racecard – 23 x 12cm, along with your essentials for the day. Ensure you have a secure zip compartment for your money and betting slips.

Depending on the type of ticket you’ve purchased, you will have a ticket or a metal swing-badge. The latter should be prominently displayed, usually from a button hole or a handbag strap, so that it may be readily seen and inspected by raceday officials.

A good deal of walking is involved at any racecourse, some of it on wet grass and at a brisk pace, so give particular thought to your footwear!

What time should I arrive?

Gates typically open around two hours before the first race at 11.30am with earlier opening during the winter months. Please consult our official social media channels on Facebook at Twitter on raceday for confirmation.